20 Best Detoxing Foods for Your Body & Mind

There is a very important connection between your body and mind. The functionality of your brain is determined by the way your body feels and this is how it is determined if you experience a state of well-being or not. If anyone in this world want to maintain a healthy life, keeping the body free of toxins, radicals and other nasty things that can be harmful for our body is very essential. The role of liver cannot be ignored when we are talking about any kind of detoxing cleanse foods. You cannot imagine the benefits you can have by getting your liver to full capacity.



Artichokes are very helpful in improving the functionality of the liver. Only a properly functioning liver can help your body, purge itself of toxins and other unwanted things. The use of artichokes increases the liver’s production of bile which ultimately helps in breaking down the foods and this is the way human body uses the nutrients inside them. In simple words artichokes help increasing the bile production which is of course a good thing for our liver.

It is not right to say that they are only good for you liver. Other than that they are packed with fiber, protein, magnesium, folate and potassium. Those who wish to stay regular, healthy and want their liver to keep doing its job without any problem of serious kind should add artichokes to their diet.



It is another detoxing food as well as a tasty veggie. There are some other things it does than detoxifying your body. It is very helpful in making you look younger than your actual age and also protects you against cancer. Asparagus is an anti-inflammatory food and helps your heart to stay healthy.

There are things it does. It also helps with liver drainage which is of course not a very good thing that it does. The reason is simple as the function of liver is to filter out the toxic materials found in the food and drinks you consume. So, asparagus is not doing you any good, by backing up liver’s drainage.



Avocados are one of the best detoxing foods because they are full of fiber and antioxidant. There was a time when people use to avoid the use of avocados as they wanted to avoid the intake of fat. But now thanks to the latest researches that showed us the difference between good fats and bad fats. Now avocados rank highly on the detox-o-meter.

Remember guacamole you add to your meal at your favorite fast food restaurant has nothing to do with detoxing. Instead go for avocados and consume them without any other ingredients as this is the best way to get the maximum benefit of their healthy content.



Beets are usually seen when we order a Greek salad. But they definitely deserve to be on your regular menu and you should not hesitate to pick some up if you are thinking about going on a detox diet. In addition they have innumerable benefits and perhaps this is the reason they are commonly known as a super food.

When someone is detoxing, beets make sure that the toxins he is getting out actually make it out of his body. Detox cleanses often go wrong when toxins are reintroduced to the body as they don’t make it all the way out. They are also found very helpful in free-radicals, making them an anti-cancer aid.



Whenever we start mentioning health foods, broccoli automatically pops up in our mind. But there is nothing wrong about that as this mini-tree shaped commonly found vegetable has a great nutritional quality. But the question is what it has to do with detoxing. Broccoli is known for working with the enzymes in your liver in order to turn toxins into something your body can eliminate.

If you are worried about its taste, it can be made better by changing your cooking strategy. It is also consumed raw but remember microwaving can kill detox properties.



Be careful the fad Cabbage Soup Detox Diet can throw you off course with this helpful veggie. There is some truth about the things that go viral and same thing can be said about the cabbage but don’t over consume it. According to various studies, it helps our liver with the byproduct being lower cholesterol, so there are a lot of reasons to make this veggie a part of your diet.

Other than cleansing the liver it also helps you go to the bathroom as it helps you expel the toxins. It is very important to get toxins out of your system otherwise you won’t be able to start fresh.



You need a healthy liver if you want to live a healthy life. There is one thing that can be helpful in your mission and it is dandelion root. There are many people who consider dandelion a weed, but it is difficult to ignore the healing properties it has for liver. This is why we can just ignore it.

Since centuries, dandelion has been used by the health experts to treat liver problems. But it does not mean it is only used when your physician prescribes it. If you have a healthy liver you can still use it in order to further strengthen it. Use it and you will realize the difference if you are really on a quest for cleanse.



Garlic is often seen listed in a lot of detox diets. This is because garlic is known for boosting up the immune system and helps out the liver. There are many good things associated with garlic such as you may choose to increase its intake and you don’t have to worry about if your body builds up a resistance.

The flavor it can add to the other detoxing cleanse foods is another positive thing associated with it. Garlic also comes in the form of supplement which is a good thing for those who avoid using garlic because of its taste.



The medical benefits of Ginger can be traced back to the ancient Chinese civilizations and things have not changed even in this modern world. It is often seen being used in a tea or drink but can also be added to the meals we make. It is known to help the liver function and contains some astringent properties.

There are some detox diets asking you to chew on ginger root. By adding it to hot water, you can make the water taste better. No matter how you use it, but one thing is sure that it will be very beneficial particularly for those suffering from a fatty liver caused by consumption of too much alcohol or too many foods and drinks containing toxic elements.



Grapefruits are filled with fiber and nutrient-rich juices and can be really a good addition to the list of your detoxing foods. The idea is to flood your body with good things as it will help you getting rid of the bad things. It is now an established fact that grapefruit prove very helpful in weight loss programs because of the way it helps liver burn up fat.

Talking about the benefits of grapefruit, it gets your liver fired up and ready to start fresh. You can place it at the top of your list of detox foods without any kind of hesitation.

Green Tea


The high antioxidant value of green tea makes it one of the important detox foods. The high antioxidant value of green tea also kills free radicals before they cause any damage. This high antioxidant factory also makes it a great beverage that you can drink daily.

If you feel good about yourself, you are in a healthy state of mind. Green tea can be a great substitute for other drinks like colas, juices and other teas as it benefits your body rather causing any damage.




Kale is included in 48 Hour Weekend Cleanse of Dr. Oz and it is recommended blending up in a shake. It does not matter how you consume it, but the important thing is the fact that it contains a lot of nutrients. It is also good for flushing out the kidneys. Kidneys are important organs of our body and their cleansing improves their functioning.

Kale is often recommended by the doctors to the patients having any kind of kidney disease. Doctors recommend it because of the nutrients it is packed with. It also has anti-inflammatory properties other than plenty of the vitamins and minerals it is filled with.



In some parts of the world like Thailand, lemongrass is used as a natural way to cleanse different organs at the same time. Other than helping the liver, lemongrass is also known for improving the functioning of kidneys, the bladder and the entire digestive tract. You can include it in your cooking or drinking as it has a number of benefits like a better complexion, better circulation and better digestion.

People use it as a tea when it comes to detoxing and there are a lot of recipes you can choose from that suits your taste.



If you are making a list of detoxing foods, you can include lemon and lemon juice in it. You can add a great nutrient quality to a glass of water by adding lemon juice to it. It is a great way to flush toxins out of your body. You can make it taste even better by adding cayanne pepper and sweetening it with sugar. But you really want to use it as a detoxing food, don’t use sugar.

Lemon is also good for your digestion. Add lemon juice to a cup of water and drink it and have your digestive system prepared for a day’s work.

Olive Oil


There are some liver cleanses requiring you to mix olive oil with fruit juice if you want to trigger your liver to expunge its gallstones. Keeping that fact aside, olive oil should be your go-to oil for use in cooking when you are planning to detox the body. This is because of the healthy properties it comes with. Olive oil is also a healthy option of fat.

It is recommended to use with salad as it help leafy greens go down. Cooking it at high heat can damage its detoxing quality.



The only way it can make entry to your menu when it’s wrapped around a piece of sushi. But is a fact that it is full of nutrients and antioxidants. Don’t think about nori they used to hold together a sushi roll, if you are really want to increase the intake of detox foods into your body. You can choose to go with kelp instead.

It is commonly found in Asian cuisine and soups. Its use is good for those who are on detox programs. It is good in taste as well as easy to digest.



It is a kind of herb that often is often seen as a tea. And the positive effects it has on the liver are undeniable. It is often said that detox can be done by having just turmeric tea and making it a routine for a week straight along with a healthy diet.

You can use it in order to add detoxifying quality to your diet. It also offers a lot of other benefits other than detoxifying your food.



Water is easily available but this doesn’t mean that you can overlook its benefits. It is important to all your vital organs and helps flushing toxins out of your body. The need to stay hydrated becomes even more important for those who exercise and take saunas to help release the toxins.

It is true that some people are not used to drinking water daily. But they can start from one cup at a time if they really want to increase their intake of water without overloading themselves. Starting drinking a lot of water at once can create problems as their kidneys are not used to getting water.



The cleansing action of watercress can really give your liver a big boost. Watercress can be a great one to blend up and drink down for those who are into making smoothies for their detoxing. If you love its taste then go one step further and add it to a salad. Some people like its taste without any particular reason and some dislike it and they have their own reasons for doing so.

This is very helpful in releasing enzymes in the liver that not only clean it out and help rid it of toxin buildup.



Think about those who drink wheatgrass shakes as they are obsessed about their health. Its alkaline property helps you feel good throughout your day and it is also a great way to boost your liver functioning.

The use of wheatgrass helps in lowering your blood sugar and getting your metabolism in a balanced state. It has a great taste and also counteracts to any junk you have been eating in the past. Use it if you really love your body.


Four Things You Should Avoid




Alcohol is bad for liver because of its toxic effects. The intake of alcohol means you are set to undo all your hard detox work. It is alone enough to cause a fatty liver. Your whole body has to suffer when your liver is taxed. When you are on a detox program, you need to avoid alcohol at any cost.

Caffeinated Beverages


Caffeinated Beverages can have dehydrating effect on your body. It also means that your liver will have to work really hard in order to process the caffeine they contain. The dehydrated effect caused by these caffeinated beverages can be counteracted by drinking more and more water. But instead of doing all that extra effort you should simply try to avoid them when you are on detox program.

Sweets, Candies and Chocolates


You liver has to work hard when you consume excess sugar and can also spoil your cleansing program. You must avoid these foods during your detox program. As toxins release from your body you will not find yourself wishing for things like candies and sweets. But they must be avoided if you really want it to happen.



Having your digestive system overloaded can cause things moving slowly which can ultimately lead to buildup of toxins. Stop eating when you feel you have eaten enough, when you are on detox program. Eating freshly prepared food particularly those which are high in fiber and nutrients will have positive effect on your liver.


Don’t bother yourself about thinking a lot of detox foods. You can keep things simple by just giving attention to one single detox food that can do the trick. You can increase your intake gradually as your body gets used to it. There are some foods which you will find difficult to incorporate, either they are difficult to find or you just don’t want to include them in their diet. Give it some thought and you will surely come up with something that will suit your nature.

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