Lemon Juice Health Benefits

Lemon juice health benefits are simply countless. Lemon juice is a great source of vitamin C. There are many ways of using lemon. Lemon is commonly found and its juice is made up of 5% of citric acid. Lemon is also known as an important ingredient of a number of food recipes. Fiber and protein are also present in lemon juice. In this article we will talk about the health benefits of lemon juice.

Healthy Skin

You will be surprised to know that women in different parts of the world use lemon juice to promote healthy skin. You can have healthy and glowing skin too if you use lemon juice. Using lemon juice will help you get rid of dark circles under eyes. It helps you get rid of dead cells of you skins. Using lemon juice will help you get rid of many skin issues like acne. Lemon juice cures stubborn wounds and helps stop nose bleeds.

Helps Lose Weight

Lemon juice can be very helpful for those planning to lose weight. Mixing two to three tablespoons of lemon juice into green tea will be very beneficial from weight loss point of view. Green tea makes you feel full longer thus contributing to weight loss.

Helps Cure Arthritis

Lemon juice protects your joints and reduces the risk of arthritis. Inflammation can be reduced significantly by simply mixing two tablespoons a day into water.

Good for Digestive System

Lemon juice aids digestion and encourages the production of bile. It is a good cure for heartburn and indigestion. Intestinal bacteria are the main cause of number of digestive issues. Lemon water is well known for treating intestinal bacteria. Use lemon juice with honey for best results.

Treats Colds and Coughs

Having cold? Use lemon juice to reduce your body temperature. The anti-inflammatory effects of lemon juice treat colds and coughs. The juice is high in great source of nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium and calcium and helps reduces effects of stress.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Using lemon juice can treat a number of heart problems. Basically it lowers high blood pressure thus reducing your risks of heart attack. Cholesterol problems can also be solved significantly if you keep using lemon juice.

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