How Mint Is Used to Help Many Health Issues

Fruits and vegetables are generally the first items to pop up in our mind, when we start thinking about the healthiest foods of the world. It is because of their high antioxidant capacity, vitamins, minerals and bevy of health benefits. The role of herbs is often ignored by us however it does not lessen their importance to a healthy diet. Like fruits and vegetables, herbs also offer a broad range of health benefits you are probably unaware of.

Mint is a well known mouth and breath freshener. But there are not many people who know that it also contains one of the highest antioxidant levels of all herbs and has the ability to bring extra zing and unique flavor to your favorite dishes you cook in your kitchen. But keeping all that aside, there are a lot of health benefits this commonly found herb offers.

Weight Loss


Mint is a stimulant. It is very helpful in promoting digestion as it causes stimulation of digestive enzymes that absorb nutrients from food and convert fat into energy. Add mint to your diet and have all your extra fat turned into energy which will ultimately result in loss of extra weight.

Helps Fight Cancer


There are different types of cancer which phytochemical, a potent found in mint, can help prevent. Various animal studies have discovered that phytonutrient, called perillyl alcohol, has the capability to prevent from skin cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer.

Allergies, the Common Cold, Respiratory Disorders & Coughs


An antioxidant, known as rosmarinic acid, is found in mint which according to various studies is very effective in relieving seasonal allergy symptoms. As a natural decongestant, menthol proves very helpful in breaking up phlegm and mucus. When you combine mint with tea, it becomes very effective for relieving sore throats. The strong aroma of mint gives relief for respiratory disorders after clearing up congestion of the nose, throat, bronchi and lungs.

Mint soothes all our respiratory channels as well as relieves irritation that causes chronic coughing. That is why most of the balms you commonly find are mint based. Inhalers with mint as the fundamental component are more effective and eco-friendly as compared to the inhalers that are based on aerosols.

Digestion and Indigestion


People have been using mint for thousands of years to aid with upset stomach or indigestion. People believe that it helps improve the flow of bile through the stomach, which not only speeds but also ease digestion. You only have to drink a cup of mint tea which can give you relief, whenever you feel sick to your stomach. For nausea and other kinds of motion sickness, the menthol oil derived from mint can be very effective. The smell of mint oil or freshly crushed mint leaves can be very soothing for stomach issues. There are people who like to keep mint based products with them in order to avoid nausea.

Mint promotes digestion as it is also a great appetizer. The salivary glands in our mouth and glands that secrete digestive enzymes are activated by the aroma of mint. This is the reason why this commonly found herb is widely used in culinary arts.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome


For those suffering from abdominal pain or discomfort associated with IBS, the use of peppermint oil is thought to be an effective and safe treatment.

End a Headache


You can have quick relief in case of headache, by using mint based balms or mint oil. You just have to rub it on the forehead and nose. It helps alleviate the inflammation and temperature rise, which is generally associated with headaches and migraines, as it is a naturally soothing substance.

Fatigue and Depression


As stated earlier mint is a natural stimulant. Even the smell of the herb is enough to charge your power batteries and get your brain functioning again. Mint and its essential oils are also very useful when you are feeling sluggish, anxious, depressed or simply exhausted. There are different ways to use it like you can take it internally or apply topically in a salve form to the skin. For a much-needed boost, you can inhale it as a vapor.

There is another popular way to get the best results. You just have to put a few drops of mint essential oil or menthol oil on your pillow at night. Those few drops of mint oil will work on your body and mind while you sleep.


Memory Loss


Different studies has discovered the effects which mint has on alertness, retention and cognitive function. According to the studies people who frequently chew mint based gums, have higher levels of memory retention and mental alertness as compared to those who don’t.

Skin Care and Pimples


Mint has the effects of calming and cooling skin when applied topically in oil, ointment or lotion. It is thought to be best treatment for treating insect bites from mosquitoes, honeybees, hornets, wasps and gnats. It is also used in curing a rash and other reactions. The cooling sensation of mint helps relieve the irritating sensation to scratch and its anti-inflammatory nature will bring down swelling. The strong aroma of mint is unappealing to most of the insects and this is the reason most of the bug repellent products such as citronella candles, are mint based.

There is no best skin cleanser like mint juice. Mint oil is a very good antiseptic. It not only soothes skin but also helps in curing infections and itchiness. Consuming mint juice reduces pimples and also relieves the symptoms of acne.

Oral Care


As stated earlier mint is a well known mouth and breath freshener. It instantly freshens breath and has antibacterial qualities, so it adds to oral health inhibiting bacterial growth inside the mouth and by keeping your tongue and teeth clean. This is the reason mint is used to be rubbed on the teeth and gums in order to refresh the mouth and eliminate dangerous forms of growth. Now you can understand why people prefer mint based toothpastes, mouthwashes and other dental hygiene products.

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